The University has a sprawling main campus situated on an undulating landscape with a great variety of geographic and environmental features. The variety in flora and fauna that keeps changing with the season of the year adds to the visual appeal. This peculiar environment is congenial not only to the campus life but also provides researchers and students with an excellent locale for closely observing the life forms ranging from plant and animal worlds to the microbes.

Situated on the National High Way 17 and with Karipur Calicut International airport close by, the campus is easily accessible from anywhere.

The main campus can boast of a botanical garden considered one of the best for any University. The variety of plant life with many rare species from remote lands can not only stimulate the scientifically bent inquiring minds but also can invigorate the curious sight seers. It is a must-see for a visitor to the campus. The participants in all the courses conducted by the HRDC are taken out on a trip to this scenic spot without fail, which indeed is a very entertaining experience for them.

The University of Calicut is a premier Higher Education institution of Northern Kerala (often referred to as Malabar), striving for excellence in Higher Education and research in a large number of areas of human knowledge and development. Established in 1968, the University has emphasized sustained development of arts and science reaching out its influence on cultural, scientific and technological fields. Kerala sports a great variety in culture for its size, a feature which the University definitely covers by reaching out to the remote areas where the reach of education is very sparse.

The University has 35 teaching / research departments, covering a variety of subjects in the Arts, Science, Humanities, Languages, Technology, Commerce and Management. The headquarters of the University is located in the main campus at Tenhipalam, about 23 km south of Kozhikode (also known as Calicut) city.

Madhava Observatory, Educational Multimedia Research Centre (EMMRC), UGC-INFONET are only a few of the key institutions that helps this campus excel its peers. The University has a satellite campus called John Matthai Centre, named after the renowned economist, Dr. John Matthai, at Aranattukara, Thrissur. John Matthai Centre houses the School of Drama, Department of Economics and Centres of MBA and MCA.

There is a large library called C.H.M.K. Central Library on the main campus. The library has a UGC-aided INFO-NET centre which provides access to numerous online journals. In addition, there are department libraries at various departments and centers. There is a Publication Division and printing facility with sophisticated machinery. The Publication Division puts out many text books and students’ study aids. It has also an outlet on the campus close to the Cyber spot which caters to the Internet needs of the students and staff. The hangout place for students, humorously named Students Trap, is an enclosed area in front of the main cafeteria inside the campus. This is where cultural, political and literary events organized by the students are held.

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