Dr. SABU K. THOMAS

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Since the knowledge explosion has become phenomenal cutting across disciplines, tertiary level education is rapidly changing the world over; new domains of knowledge are evolving astonishingly breaking barriers to subject-specific teaching and research. This coupled with a rapid increase in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) is creating challenges for educational regulators to maintain the quality of education. The quality of education is primarily determined by the eminence of those who are entitled to impart it, their professional competence, teaching skills, and abilities to motivate the learners.   Stale knowledge will quickly expunge in a short span, so to improve “Teacher Quality” the under-prepared faculty workforce is necessary to be updated periodically with skills, knowledge, and efficiency needed to the requirements of the present day’s tech-savvy society.  The ASCs philosophy is to keep in mind that teacher is central to the higher education system and to take a proactive role to motivate them to accept new challenges emerging from new knowledge, thereby fostering and promoting lifelong learning, efficient teaching, and research through organizing various faculty induction/development programs. Our staff development and training programs aim to focus on strengthening the capability building in communication, knowledge delivery, teaching skills, counselling, critical and innovative thinking, competency development in research, consultancy and extension work, and modern management of the educational institutions to achieve academic excellence. We’ve been training human resource professionals for over 35 years, and offering a broad array of programs/courses that impart essential skills needed to excel in your chosen field of specialization(s) and professional career. We appreciate the most is quality ensured delivery of education to continuous knowledge up-gradation.

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